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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SIDE NOTE [stupid thoughts]


I'm a "judger". I'm sorry to say but i have to admit, i judge. Even if most of the times i do it just to myself but i do it constantly. Most of the times i judge what people are wearing. People i don't know from anyware, people i probably won't see again. But i swear, sometimes i would like just to have some kind of immunity so i could go and tell some people that they really shouldn't dress like that because it doesn't suit them, they look really bad or it's not the appropriate clothes form them to use. Of course then probably i would get slaped in the face and that would not going to be so nice...
I'm not saying with this that i'm perfect. No, i'm way far from being perfect. It's just some times, if we didn't live in a cinical world, this would be actually a good thing we could do for the other people.
This was just to share this stupid habit i have with you? Does this happens to you to??
Now you can judge me back.

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