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Friday, September 7, 2012

KStew in Zuhair Murad {Toronto Film Festival}

Who would say that the betrayal/breakup of KStew and RPatz would be such a good thing for these two (well, at least for both of their looks :) ). Check out how gorgeous she is in the great Zuhair Murad dress she wore for the exhibition of her movie "On the Road" at the Toronto Film Festival. Her face looks beautiful and her hair was finally bruched after what??? a million years maybe. And the smile on her face...I think we can say it is the first truthfully smile in her lips for a long long time.
I trully hope this is the start of a new chapter in her life and that we can see her looking just this amazing from now on.
(Maybe when they were together they made some sort of deal that they couldn't take more than one shower a week...)

Kristen Stewart at Toronto Film Festival 2012


  1. Obrigada querida, sim é simpatico acho que devemos isso umas às outras. Se achamos que a pessoa tem tudo para dar certo só estamos a contribuir para os nossos seguidores conhecerem novos e bom blogs

  2. She looks so good!

  3. This dress is beyond stunning! Definitely one of my favorite looks on her :)

    Complacency Kills

  4. Gostei do vestido!!



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