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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cool Arty Nails

Hello September!
I'm totally diggin this crazy new trend of arty nails. We have all sort of different ideas for all kind of tastes. 
My favorite idea is the one that you paint te ring finger nail of both hands with a totally different colour,with a glitter effect or even with stripes or dots. 
I still didn't try it but most definitely will.
These are just a few ideas I've been checking . :)





  1. Olá Ana, obrigada pela tua visita lá na Turista.
    Vim retribuir e a partir de hoje, tens mais uma seguidora. :)

  2. olá ana, obrigada pela tua mensagem de apoio (:
    gostei bastante dos vernizes em especial do verde e do cor de rosa, beijinho* (:


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