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Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 Red Carpet

First i thought about only posting the pictures of my favorite looks of last night Golden Globes Gala.
But then i looked into every picture i could find online and i can't avoid just comment some of the looks.
I think is fair to say that we had it all last night. Some amazing dresses and others not so amazing... perfect looks and some others totaly failed. I don't like to act as a fashion police but honestly for some of the girls who stopped by the red carpet this year, it would be better for them that someone did.
Maybe i'm being unfair but i think we had more failed looks than fashion looks.

The best of the Night - Charlize Theron, the perfect muse

She was perfect in everything (Dior dress).

Not the best... but ok

Shoot in the foot...

Right Girl...Wrong dress (wrong size)

The real disapointment

Nothing different of what we were expecting... Bad
(I though a little bit corny)

What do you think about the looks?


  1. That leafy silver one was really bad...Halley berry wore something similar in Oscars long time ago when she won but it was much better

  2. I love the first dress.. Jessica Alba look fabolous, but Jessica Biel looks old in that dress..not really like it! I LOVE the dress of Angelina Jolie, it's particular but she looks great!


  3. I really loved Evan Rachel Wood and Diana Agron and applaud them for going for something different. I like drama in a dress. Guess you don't agree, but that's okay.



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